Tips for Success

Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) is a service provided by Amazon that allows anyone to sell a product without worrying about storage or logistics. That in turn means that it’s now impossible to run a large-scale product-based business from your front room, with no need for staff, large investments, or warehouses.

This is great because it means you can live the dream of running a business with relatively little involvement. But therein also lies the pitfall: how do you set yourself apart from the competition, when you are sourcing the same products (from the same manufacturers) and letting the same company take care of delivery? Below are 20 tips for Amazon FBA success:

Tip 1: Use Alibaba

If you’re looking for the biggest selection of products you can sell through Amazon, Alibaba is where to find it!

Tip 2: Consider a redesign

Speak with manufacturers about the possibility of slightly changing products to make them unique.

Tip 3: Look for white Label

This means you can place YOUR logo on the products, making them unique to you and improving brand awareness and loyalty.

Tip 4: Consider additional packaging

Don’t make do with a plastic bag. Add luxurious packaging and make your product much more desirable.

Tip 5: get a barcode

A barcode is required for all items that have individual listings on Amazon. You will need to buy one for any product you sell, new or otherwise.

Tip 6: Think about customs

When calculating costs, it’s easy to forget any fees that will apply when your goods go through customs. Think as well whether you might face any legal issues.

Tip 7: Read Amazon’s regulations

Amazon has some strict rules and regulations with regards to what they will sell and the condition those items need to be in when they arrive at the warehouse. Read carefully to avoid wasting money.

Tip 8: Think about your second product

This should be in your mind even as you choose your FIRST product. Where are you going with this business plan?

Tip 9: Do keyword research

Research keywords on Google, but also on Amazon. You can then use these in your Amazon descriptions to help your products get noticed.

Tip 10: Do market research

Market research involves looking at the prices of other products, what’s selling, etc.

Tip 11: Order a sample

ALWAYS test the product before selling it.

Tip 12: Start with a small order

This can be a complex and daunting process. To make sure that everything is going well, start with a small number of items to test the model.

Tip 13: write a great description

Your description is key to making sales. Make sure you make the product sound desirable.

Tip 14: Take amazing product photos

This goes a long way to helping sell your products.

Tip 15: Market through a blog

Having your own blog will allow you to build influence, trust, and engagement. These things help people choose to buy from you, rather than other creators.

Tip 16: Use CPC advertising

CPC advertising is cost per click. It includes Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. It’s a perfect fit for promoting your products.

Tip 17: Over-deliver

Promise less than you deliver to get amazing reviews and more prominence in search results.

Tip 18: Think about returns

When calculating your profit margins and projections, never forget that a lot of items do get returned.

Tip 19: Choose a product you really like

This is crucial as it will help you to understand the USP and selling points, and will make it much easier to write about.

Tip 20: Try a video

One of the most powerful ways to get people excited for a product is to add a video. This can demonstrate it and also build excitement and anticipation.

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