How to use Udemy Analytics to your advantage

When you launch a course or courses on Udemy it is essential that you know how well things are going. Fortunately Udemy has a number of analytics that can provide you with the information that you need. In this article we will discuss the most commonly used analytics and what they will tell you.

After accepting you as an instructor that will sell courses you will find a “Performance” tab in your dashboard that leads to a number of great analytics and tools that will show you how your courses are performing. All you need to do is go to your course page and then click on Performance which is located on the left of the page. You will see the following options:

  • Overview
  • Students
  • Reviews
  • Course engagement
  • Traffic & conversion


Here you can see the revenue generated by your course, ratings, student enrollment numbers and more. You can view your revenue on a month by month basis or for all time. There is also information available about the total number of student enrollments on a course by course basis.

You can check the ratings for an individual course or all of your courses. This is calculated on a rolling period based on recency. You will see average ratings taking into consideration the time period and the amount of your course that a student consumes before they provide a rating.


The Students metrics tell you more about the students that have taken your courses. It will show you their interests as well as the market reach. You can see the locations of all of the students that have enrolled in your courses. This is useful to know the reach that your courses have and also the languages spoken by your students.

You can also learn about the other interests of your students. Udemy will show you the other topics that a student has enrolled for apart from yours. This can be really helpful when it comes to what course you should create next.

Course Engagement

With Course Engagement you will see how your students are consuming your course content. You can see active students and minutes taught metrics here. An active student is one that began a lecture in your selected time period. There is a table displaying the number of active students and the number of minutes taught for each of your courses.

You can also learn about lecture highlights. Here you will see metrics for the most dropped lectures and the most bookmarked lectures for your videos. This can help you to identify training videos that are not providing the level of engagement that they should.

Traffic & Conversion

This is a very important area as it shows you how customers are finding your courses. One particular statistic that you need to pay attention to is the conversion rates for your landing page. You can view figures for this for 7 days or 30 days.

Udemy will provide you with the total number of visitors that saw your landing page over the period you select. They calculate the conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors to your landing page by the number of student enrollments.

You can also see the channels that delivered the traffic to your landing page and how they performed. The channels are:

  • Udemy search
  • Udemy discovery
  • Udemy ads and affiliates
  • Instructor promos
  • External sources

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with all of the available Udemy analytics and use them to make improvements or for creating new courses.

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